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How to identify the USB Drive, SD card, TF card is true?

It has been reported the news on the market fake USB rampant, so consumers spend many money to buy a genuine fake USB Drive. Many people may have had experiences similar to this: good to buy a new USB Drive, copying files from your computer to the USB Drive and then copy it to another computer, when you want to open, the system displays "Application Error ".

In fact, the reason is very simple that you get the upgraded USB flash drive caused. So, how do we avoid to buy fake USB Drives?

A, Kingston USB Drive, true and false identification method:

(1) Look at the appearance!

Identify genuine fake Kingston Kingston USB drive, and the disk enclosure close-fitting on the body, capacity and serial number on the side-dimensional character feels, a concavity word feels smooth, without relief, anti-counterfeit labels, phone 800 - 820-1399800-820-1315. Jack looks very metallic outer metal looks rough, interior color black white.

(2) Operation observation!

Genuine Kingston U disk plugged in the computer identified as Kingston DataTraveler 2.0 USB Device

Fake Kingston U disk plugged in the computer as a removable disk

Genuine Kingston U disk plugged into the computer data transmission after human head at Kingston trademark shiny "K" Before [the brightest different batches may also different, formerly 2G is "K before" are lit, it is now only a head light].

Fake Kingston U disk plugged into the computer after data transmission at the shiny STON

3 Overall color
2G Kingston U disk green white majority

Only Kingston U disk 4G Purple White

Kingston 8G U disk is only black and white

4 software to identify

1.ChipGenius: can identified what chip in the USB Drive, confidence is low.

2.MyDiskTest: USB Drive can detect the speed, real capacity and whether it is faked products, high credibility.

[Tips] More larger capacity the more need to use this test, because the greater the capacity is, the greater the chance of problems.

Second, USB Drives to identify other types of common method!

A Look at capacity: see its capacity, such as 4G USB Drive capacity display 3.99G or 4G, it basically is a fake. Because USB Drive capacity calculation in accordance with 1000MB = 1GB, while the computer is based 1024MB = 1GB of. So 4GB U disk usually only 3.73GB, and usually about 93% of the nominal capacity.

2 expansion detection: H2 Test expansion test software testing, insert U disk, and then run, choose the bad block detection on the line, if after expansion, the software prompts you.

3 speed test: the same with H2 test software, choosing the speed tests read and write speed, the general reading speed above 12MB/S, write speed above 3MB/s  which can be accepted.

4 real capacity test: This is the most simple and effective detection of the expansion USB Flash Drive, such as USB Drive nominal 2G, 1.8G or so you copy a file into it, if you can copy into it, but also to properly read the words [Note To be able to read normally, because the expansion of the U disk can copy into it, the file can not be read back] on it.

Above points is Flason plants intruduction for how to test a USB Drive, SD card, TF card, etc is fake or real. If you want to know more, please consult Flason USB online customer service, they will answer you. Thank you!