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Flason fake USB test tools(H2 test) free download

How to identify true and false U disk? U disk layman to ask how it will be a fake? 

Many wholesale customers and friends would ask this kind of question,Flason in order to further standardize the industry. So we special launch genuine fake usb drive test tools! Purpose is to enhance the popularity and awareness of consumer rights means!

USB Drive is difficult to distinguish between true and false! False U disk how to deceive us? Look under the USB Drive composition: (shell +mainboard + Flash + packaging)
First. mainboard: mainboard includes a PCB board + control + crystal + RC capacitor + USB + LED head head + FLASH (Flash memory)

Second Housing: There are many, there are plastic, there are wood, metal, there are holster, with silica gel (see our website products are classified!)

Third Package: generally carton packaging, plastic boxes for packaging and metal box packing, tin packing cartons and generally use 86% of the rate.
Manufacturers generally USB Flash Drive unit price quoted are based on - shell + PCBA board + master + crystal + RC capacitor + USB + LED head head, excluding FLASH memory known nesting. USB Drive is now the lowest common style nesting price almost 1.5USD, while the carton is the cheapest. Prices are around $ 2, USB Drive FLASH memory is to the most expensive in all materials, Nand flash prices are fluctuating daily essentially wanted the stock market, manufacturers generally quotes are based on market day trading price.

If someone said that the current market at Hyundai, Samsung quality is the best, of course, price is also the most expensive (if you believe in these words! You will inevitably be fooled ...) In fact, the world production of chips on five large factory, good goods, They are from the bad lot out here, there is no sign of that is the best! Here Take 4GB (4096M) as an example: Original Samsung, Hynix chips in about 3.5USD or so, the other a little less. And I quoted prices are based on Hyundai, Samsung references.

We count the cost: 1.5USD +3.5USD +0.3USD =4.3USD prices. So you say 3.5USD exactly how to do it? Hit a question mark?
If this is 3.5USD, it can only be black film or upgrade it. That is often encountered some friends will ask, then why others 3.5USD can do? There involves a USB Drive industry secrets. I can only say that you buy marked 4G, in fact, absolutely no capacity 4G, it is the result of USB drive technology upgrades.

We take very simple analogy: 512M's been upgraded, you can reach 4G. However, the 512's price as long as 1.5USD.
512MB less than the cost of  3.5USD = 1.5USD+1.5USD = 3USD, 3.5USD of course, of course, not surprising that a USB Drive to do! In no case unplug the USB Drive, USB Drive in the computer display are property of 4GB. 4GB can also copy a file, you can also read out, the premise is the same computer, and can not unplug the USB Drive. To identify this USB Drive, the best way is to copy the files, whether to get another computer read to watch. Because the fake stuff is fake, if you copy something 800M, 680M or so there is something that can not read.

So, usb drive industry a sub-price goods, I give you the prices are ex-factory price. USB drive factory price, if our factory do poor quality, fake, only to close down, unless the customer have special requirements.

Flason Electronic is only produce the quality product, because there is no low price and good quality product! If you think the price is very low your profits high. After send out the goods, the repair to repair, the more trouble coming, that make the cost be higher! USB Drive customers had better count clear Oh!
As the current digital home testing software testing is not critical, and I mentioned just above USB Drive time-consuming manual testing inefficient, especially for bulk purchases USB Drive customers, so Flason Electronic launched special USB Drive test software!-H2 test software

Flason USB Drive test software (International Standard H2)
Download: genuine USB Drive test software